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Graduate Courses at Florida International University


Sustainability Education, Civic Engagement, and Intercultural Literacy

Florida International University’s College of Education in collaboration with Earth Ethics Institute at Miami Dade College have identified several courses that address Earth Literacy, Civic Engagement and Intercultural Literacy.

Sustainability and Earth Literacy

EDF 6766 Education, the Environment, and Sustainable Futures
(3). This course presents an overview of issues in sustainable development, education, and the modern school. Efforts will be made to explore the roles that education and culture play in environmental degradation as well as solutions for a sustainable future. OFFERED IN JANUARY 2012

EDF 7937 Advanced Topics in Social Foundations of Education (Sustainable Futures) (3).  This course explores questions and arguments related to environmental issues and schooling.  It examines how schools, from an ecological perspective, can be both part of the problem and the solution in the achievement of “sustainability,” “sustainable development,” or “sustainable futures.”  Topics will engage students in an examination of the role of holistic education in fostering sustainability and envisioning environmental and ecological interpretations of life on Earth and the future of humanity.

Civic Engagement

EDF 6925 Special Topics in Urban Education: Civic Engagement (3).  This course examines the critical issues related to ethnicity and culture that face us in contemporary society and how these issues relate to teaching, learning and curriculum reform in multicultural classrooms in urban communities. Through engaging in an on-going dialogue among a variety of stakeholders, new experiments in education, ecology, social justice, civic engagement, economics and politics will be investigated within the context of building community and libratory practices.

EDF 6689 Urban Education: Defining the Field (3). This course examines the state of urban education and contemporary urban life in America.

Intercultural Literacy

EDF 6658 Selected Topics in International Development Education: Current Policy Issues and Problems
(3). This course is dedicated to the study of contemporary problems and issues in the fields of educational policy, planning, management, implementation and research in developing societies. Earth Charter will be explored extensively.  Offered January 2013

EDF 5880 – Global Perspectives (Intercultural Education) (3). Analysis of concepts and programs of  intercultural and international education. Consideration of the role of education in fostering intercultural understanding both nationally and internationally. Explore current world issues; Critically examine differing world views, cultures, and value systems; Learn about human rights and education; Develop curriculum for the classroom - OFFERED IN OCTOBER 2007


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