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Behavior Change

Fostering Behavior Change for Sustainability
Scott Perret Power Point Presentation

Fostering Sustainble Behavior: Community-Based Social Marketing


Climate Change

Miami-Dade County Community Resources on Climate Resilience

Climate Change, Energy and Engagement
Reading--- Prior to workshop
David Orr – Long Tails and Ethics: Thinking about the Unthinkable
Bill McKibben  - A Matter of Degrees, 2 page article from Orion Magazine, 
or Global Warming’s Terrible New Math, 9 page article from Rolling Stone
David Roberts - Why Climate Change Doesn’t Spark Moral Outrage, and How it Could

Other Resources of Interest:
John Dorschner - Rising Sea Levels, Falling Real Estate Values, Miami Herald, November 2013

Jeff Goodell - Goodbye, Miami, by Jeff Goodell,  Rolling Stone, June 2013

Video - Jim Henson, Why I Must Speak Out about Climate Change

Energy Conservation - Take Personal Action

Climate Central - An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public

Climate Central Maps - Sea Surge


Food and the Environment

Impact of Food on the Environment
Michael Pollan, Some of My Best Friends are Germs, NYT, May 2013

Michael Pollan, Farmer in Chief, NYT October 2008



Language Diversity and Biodiversity
Luisa Maffi, Linguistic, Cultural, and Biological Diversity


Earth Charter

Earth Charter Reflections
Teaching the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter Initiative - link to website

Experiential Learning and the SENCER Approach

Powerpoint by Mike Matthews


Sustainable Education

Sustainable Education: Living Systems Learning
The "Harkness" Discussion Method

Human Rights, Global Education, Development Education, Environmental Education, Sustainable  Education History

Sustainable Education: An Ecological Paradigm for Education (Sterling)-Table-Mechanistic/Ecological View

Mechanistic View/Holistic View and An Ecological Paradigm for Education Table

Sustainable Learning Community CORE and Four Systems (Aber, Kelly, Mallory)

Key Characteristic of Education for Sustainable Development and Christopher Uhl Two World Views

Sustainable Education- Notes on Resources-Earth Charter, Sara Parkin, Tim Jackson, Natural Step, Christopher Uhl

Stephen Sterling - Future Fit Framework

Sustainable Education -Power Point Presentations

Human Rights, Global Education and Sustainable Education - Transforming Education

Sustainable Education: Ideas and Pedagogy

Water Ethics -
(Shaping a Water Ethic; Toward a Water Ethic)

Our Water. Our Florida. A Water Ethic for Florida by Cynthia Barnett

Earth Observatory - A Decade of Water


 Chandra links pulsar to historic supernova 


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