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Mangrove Ecology


Saturday, March 9, 2013
9 am – 1 pm

Crandon Park, Key Biscayne
Course ID - CTD TBA      Reference #765885
(6 hours of Professional Development Credit for Faculty)

Facilitated by Mike Matthews
This interdisciplinary Mangrove Ecology workshop will give MDC faculty/staff an overview of South Florida mangrove swamp ecology by providing direct field experiences in this unique ecosystem.  Anthropogenic impacts will be stressed as will the interface of coastal and marine influences.  Participating faculty will be given the tools to convey in their teaching the ecological, cultural, and economic importance of South Florida mangrove habitats and the societal and ecological benefits of protecting this crucial ecosystem.   


  • Describe a basic understanding of mangrove swamp ecology

  • Identify three true mangroves found in South Florida

  • Describe the role mangroves play in estuary ecology

  • Explain mangrove swamp food web and biodiversity

  • List the important ecosystem services provided by mangroves, including…

  • Describe the historical and cultural impacts mangrove swamps have had on South Florida.

  • List the anthropogenic causes and the ramifications of mangrove habitat loss

  • List the various governmental and grass roots organizations involved in protecting mangroves

  • Create a lesson exploring mangrove importance into his/her specific discipline

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