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Covanta Energy Resource Recovery Center


2 - 4 p.m.

Course ID - CTD0488-1 Reference # TBA
(2 hours of Professional Development Credit for Faculty)

Facilitated by EEI and Covanta Staff
This two hour experiential learning activity takes participants on a tour of the Miami-Dade Resources Recovery Facility operated by Covanta Southeastern Florida Renewable Energy Facilities.  It will focus on the waste to energy processes that are utilized at this site.  The Covanta facility processes more than 4,000 tons of garbage and trash each day and is reportedly the largest waste-to-energy facility in the world.  The social, environmental, financial and health issues relating to waste disposal will be examined.  An on-site, twelve acre wetland restoration project will also be inspected.  Participants will be asked to share in writing how they will incorporate into their classes their awareness of the link between waste disposal, levels of consumption, and environmental health issues. 

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Biomass Fuel                Turbine Room

Garbage Pit                  Control Room

Miami-Dade Resources Recovery Facility


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