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What is Vermiculture?
Vermicompost is similar to regular compost, except that worms take part in the composting process. The typical vermicompost worms are Red Wigglers and Red Earthworms. The composting worms turn organic waste matter into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Why is vermicompost important?
Vermicompost or worm fertilizer is strictly organic. Vermicompost is used as an organic fertilizer in agricultural gardens. Vermicompost enriches the soil, creates an ecologically safe system of food production, and raises land productivity. By using vermicompost in gardens, harmful chemicals and pesticides are no longer needed in the cultivation of crops.

Vermicompost aids the growing of healthy nutritious and chemical free crops. Here are just another few benefits of vermicompost:
• Promotes faster growth of plants • Increases crop yield with less irrigation
• Reduces soil erosion
• Lessens wasteland formation
• Produces crop with a better taste without toxic residues

With all the beneficial factors vermicompost has it is no wonder why more and more people are beginning to use vermicompost in their gardens! What are you waiting for? Start your own vermicompost bin TODAY!


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